Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giveaway - Online Teddy Bear Making Course

5 Feb 2013 UPDATE
Congratulations to Kay's Kids, Country Gal and Claudia! I need your email addresses to enrol you for the course. Please contact me privately at megbear99(at)gmail.com.
Ta-da!  And there it happened.  On Saturday we reached 1 000 sales in the Tin Soldiers Etsy shop.  I'm not rich or famous yet, and nearly three years of hard work went into it, but I'm taking a moment to stand back and congratulate myself for persevering.

I'm a strong believer in sharing a good feeling.  The customer who was responsible for the 1000th sale will receive our Online Teddy Bear Making course worth $ 65 for free.  Avril from the UK assures me that she is delighted to be that person! 

To further spread the good feeling, on Monday 4 February I'm going to announce the names of three more persons who will also receive the Online Teddy Bear Making course free.  Want to be one of them?  Leave a comment on this blog post.  I am going to randomly choose three names.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Something's creeping up in my Etsy shop.  No, it's not a drooly monster... can you hear the drum roll?  There's going to be fireworks when we reach 1 000 sales!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Yargh!  Holiday is over.  It's Monday and the first working day of the year for me.  Double penalty.  I think I would rather crawl under a rock... don't know why, because few people love their job as much as I love mine, and I'm all fired up with ideas for the New Year.  Bear with me while I settle back in, things will start looking up as soon as I have a cup of tea.