Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Weekend

This afternoon I sent my long suffering life partner on an errand.  I told him that I need ten pine needles.  Long, dry and brownish in colour, but still pliable enough to make a plat.  He didn't even ask what I wanted them for.  Just got in his car and scoured the neighbourhood for a suitable tree. 

On days like this I wonder whether I am living a fairy tale.  I really got the perfect man, a knight in shining armour. 

Or maybe it's some poor ordinary mortal, under the spell of a witch, you think.  What does she want with platted pine needles?

I am working on an article for a print publication.  The deadline is tomorrow... Story of my life, I still haven't found the magic clock that will stop time for a while.
When I am done, I will share a tutorial with you here on the blog.

I hope you have been visited by the Easter Bunny, and are working your way through a basket of chocolate eggs.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Living Creatively

This week my friend Tania visited for a few days.  Whenever we get together there's some kind of electricity in the air, and we go a little crazy.  It could be too much caffeine, too little sleep, too much information gathered by surfing the internet, too little excercise and fresh air...  Whatever the cause, the result is usually something stunning that would not have happened if we were each working on our own.  This proves my theory that creativity grows in clumps, and in fits and spurts.  You need the right mix of ingredients for the magic to happen.   Being an artist is a tough job, you can't do it from nine to five on weekdays, you have to work all hours when the mood strikes, then lie around and read paperback romances and drink tea until the next wave hits.

Here you can see the little arms and legs that were left to dry on the window ledge overnight.  I was rather disappointed at sunrise to find that the elves didn't come and finish the job in the night.  And there's Tania, still fiddling around near midnight, refusing to go to bed until the maryjanes are on the doll... Two of my works in progress.  A cloth and clay combination realistic doll, and a needle sculpted carricature cloth doll with tabbed joints.  And the little Katie and Carinus bears that I managed to finish and deliver in between.

Tonight I'm dog tired, all stitched up and sewn out.   It's a great feeling.  Looking forward to falling into bed and recharging my batteries so I can be inventive again in the morning.  Wishing you a magical weekend!


Here are the four little bears that I have been making recently.  They are living in their new home already. 
The little boy is Carinus, and his sister is Katie.  I have just listed the patterns for both in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013


Roof mending is underway.  Although I'm not up there doing the work, it is seriously hampering my ability to get anything done.  Ever sat under a tin roof while someone is knocking in nails and sanding metal over your head?  The noise is like a herd of nervous antelope stomping and skittering around up there.  A while ago it sounded as though one of them is being strangled...  when I checked, I discovered that the gremlin who caused the roof leak in the first place, has now moved into the studio's drains.  The washing machine is regurgitating soapy water all over the place.  Blue Monday!
I'm taking deep breaths and making progress with my little bears.
Wishing you a quiet week.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend Chat

Have you noticed all the Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies appearing in the shops?   I bought some speckled jelly eggs today. Before I eat them I’m going to just look at them and admire the colours for a while. I have a beautiful candy dish that is just right for speckled eggs. 
I love pastel colours. Who knows, these ones might inspire me to design a bear with a similar colour scheme.
We had a few drops of rain this evening, very welcome, it has been unbearably hot lately.  Not so welcome is the leak that the studio roof has suddenly sprung.  And of course, the drip area is directly over my desk… somewhere there’s a gremlin with an engineering degree who works out these little freak accidents to the last millimetre.  I suspect the actual culprits are the ants who are trying to excavate the foundation from under the place.  I have noticed a trail of them going up the wall to the roof beams lately.  The joys of living in Africa!  We will do a thorough inspection in daylight tomorrow. 
That’s the royal ‘we’ of course.  Me sending the man up the ladder and directing from a safe distance with both feet planted firmly on the ground.  I love teamwork.

Wishing you a great weekend!


This week I have been working on a special order of tiny bears. 
Small does not mean speedy!  With all the little extra things that happen to slurp up one's time, I am not nearly as far as I hoped to be.  I'm excited about what is taking shape though.  Will be posting pictures over the weekend as I progress.