Friday, March 30, 2012

Colourful Week

We had a colourful and productive week in the studio.
I finally sorted out that tangle of embroidery floss, and made some real progress on the bunny.  If he would just stop messing with the floss, I might get a bit more work done!

Chairs for teddy bears and dolls arrived.  They are made by Fred of Cloth Characters, and Nerina made the adorable little matching cushions.  A chair with cushion costs R 50.  The chairs are are about 32cm tall, 15cm from the ground to the seat, and would be suitable for teddies and dolls in many sizes.  Hurry up and order while stocks last!

And this is how far I got with the lizard.  I'm real pleased with my progress.  Now I just need to figure out the legs, and it wants real eye catching eyes...

Bearathon 2012

It is time to start thinking of Bearathon again... this year we will donate teddies to trauma centers belonging to the South African Police.  The teddies are used to comfort children in distress.  Sadly, there are never enough bears to go around.  Please consider donating a bear to this good cause.  It can be knitted, sewn or a shop bought toy.  Even used soft toys are welcome, as long as they are clean and undamaged.  Teddies should reach us by 28 July.
You will find all the relevant information on the bearathon pages on our website
(Yep, I know that's still last year's pictures, I will be updating in the next few days).
If you would like to make any other kind of contribution to Bearathon, or have suggestions, you can email Ina, she's our Bearathon co-ordinator.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bunny on wheels

Since the beginning of the year I have been planning to make a bear on wheels. I had something very traditional and old looking in mind. When I sat down to draw the design this week, it morphed into an Easter bunny! I guess it’s the season… Another thing I seem to have no control over is the amount of clutter I gather around me while I’m working. In the picture attached you can see the story of my week; little porcelain dolls that arrived in the mail, baby bird donated by my sister, some tiny bears commissioned by a collector (I’m going to finish them some time soon!), embroidery floss I’m going to get around to untangling some time… and in the middle of it all the plan for bunny-on-wheels. You can also see the smaller prototype made out of chocolate coloured velvet. When I’m working on a new design I like to make up a smaller sample in short pile fur to check the proportions and fit of the pattern pieces. Apart from being a bit heavy in the seat, this bunny is doing fine. I will start putting the mohair sample together over the weekend.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lucky Lizard

One of the joys of my life is browsing the internet for creative inspiration.  This is best done very early in the morning, with a cup of tea.  Sometimes I get sucked into the 'other world' to such an extent that time melts away and reality becomes a bit fuzzy around the edges.  So I didn't really jump with fright this morning when I picked up my teacup to drain the last dregs and a little voice sounding like it came from the bottom of a well shouted "Nooooo, don't drink me!" 
The little rascal must have sneaked in there when the cup was cooling down, or he would have scalded his toes.
I dumped him in the garden where he promptly disappeared without a thank you or goodbye. 
See how well he is camouflaged?  Would never have spotted him if I didn't find him in a teacup!  I'm taking his magical visit as a good lizardly omen.
 This is how far I've got with the crochet drizard. 
I'm almost ready to start the head, and then I just have to figure out how the legs work!

Puppy Love - Another Workshop

Last weekend we had yet another Puppy Love workhsop.  This time the weather was beautiful and we could work outside.
Some new breeds showed up at this class, note Elizabeth's German Sheperd on the right.
And some can not be identified as any breed at all, but darn, how cute!
Here is Phillys' completed Dalmatian puppy from the previous workshop.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crochet Dragon

A dear friend is very ill :-( 
I know that she will appreciate flowers, and that she likes chocolate, but I'm not too sure whether chocolate is prescribed by the doctor. 
Something else I know will brighten her day is something green, something crochet, and especially something that looks like a lizard.  I've decided to throw together all the ingredients and try my hand at making a cameleondragon. 
The tail was easy, and after a bit I figured out the tummy gusset, but now I'm stuck!
This is where I'm at right now.  The dragon will have to sleep a while though, I am preparing for weekend workshops, and have family matters to attend to.  Will update you on itsprogress as soon as I've made a few more stitches.