Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lucky Lizard

One of the joys of my life is browsing the internet for creative inspiration.  This is best done very early in the morning, with a cup of tea.  Sometimes I get sucked into the 'other world' to such an extent that time melts away and reality becomes a bit fuzzy around the edges.  So I didn't really jump with fright this morning when I picked up my teacup to drain the last dregs and a little voice sounding like it came from the bottom of a well shouted "Nooooo, don't drink me!" 
The little rascal must have sneaked in there when the cup was cooling down, or he would have scalded his toes.
I dumped him in the garden where he promptly disappeared without a thank you or goodbye. 
See how well he is camouflaged?  Would never have spotted him if I didn't find him in a teacup!  I'm taking his magical visit as a good lizardly omen.
 This is how far I've got with the crochet drizard. 
I'm almost ready to start the head, and then I just have to figure out how the legs work!

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