Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Teddy Bear Pattern - A simple softie to sew for Bearathon

Here's a very simple and quick to sew teddy bear softie for you to make. Let's have a look at how to do it:

Make a sturdy template from the pattern, by cutting it from cardboard or an old X-ray.
Cut a piece of fabric approximately 35cm x 35 cm.  If the fabric is stretchy, turn the square so that the most stretch is in the sideways direction.
Fold fabric in half, from left to right.
Place the template on doubled fabric and mark the outline with a felt pen or fabric marker.

Pin the two layers of fabric together so that it will not shift while sewing.
Sew all the way around the outline.  You can use a sewing machine, or sew by hand.
 Leaving a 5mm seam allowance, cut neatly all around the teddy bear.
Mark and cut a slit where indicated on the chest of the teddy bear.  This is for turning.
Carefully cut the slit between the legs.
You can also cut small notches around the bear wherever there is a corner.  This will help the fabric to stretch in the right direction when you stuff the bear.

Turn the bear right side out.
Lay the template on the front of the teddy bear (side with slit cut in it) and mark the arm lines and the position of the eyes and nose. 
The line of top stitching through the ears is optional.

Sew the arm lines (and the ears if you are doing that).

Attach the nose and eyes.  You will need an awl, knitting needle or something similar to make a hole on each mark.
Push the shanks of the eyes and nose through the fabric from the right side.

Fasten a safety washer over each eye and the nose by pressing down on it firmly. 
This is easily achieved if you hold a thread spool over the washer and push down.

Stuff the bear.  Use a chopstick, spoon handle, or a haemostat if you have one.  Make sure that the stuffing reaches all the way into the tips of the toes and fingers.
Close the opening with small stitches.

Attach a felt shape or other embellishment over the opening.
Voila!  Your bear is finished and ready to hug.

The instructions and pattern sheets for this project is available as a PDF download (2MB) HERE.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Bearathon 2013

26 October is Bearathon Day!

Woman Against Rape is the beneficiary of Bearathon this year. 

Come and make and donate a teddy bear to WAR in our serene garden at
Tin Soldiers Studio in Irene Pretoria.  No skills required, if you have sewn on a button before, you will be able to make the bear.  We will provide the materials, show you how to sew the bear, and provide teatime treats.

Cost:  R 100 per person.  Proceeds from the fees will be used to acquire provisions needed to fill comfort packs distributed by Woman Against Rape.

Want to join us on the day, but don’t want to make a teddy bear?  You are very welcome!  Pop in any time during the day. 
You can bid on a collectible teddy bear in the silent auction.
WAR councillors will be on hand to answer your questions about their work and offer merchandise for sale. 
Tin Soldiers Studio is open.  Come and meet the bears and dolls in our collection.

For more information and to book, contact Megan
Cell: 083 305 5954       Email:

Like our Facebook page to get the latest news

Find out more about Woman Against Rape

In co-operation with SA Craft Association

Monday, October 7, 2013

Craft Show Photos

Craft Show is over, and what a lovely one it was this year.
Here's pictures of my stand.

This is Petro from Embroidery and All.  She is the mastermind behind Centurion Craft Show, and a master story teller.  I'm not going to tell you what that conversation was about, but as you can see, we were in stitches!  Petro teaches embroidery at her lovely studio in Eldoraigne, and offers embroidery supplies for sale.  You can visit her website at

Ronel from Nilla's Needlecraft joined us for the first time at the show this year.  Ronel is a Pfaff agent, and stocks the most amazing range of yarn for knitting and crochet.  

Johann from Glass and Fire.  Glass bead making and jewellery.  This is one of the most fascinating crafts to watch.  He draws a crowd every year.

Neeske Pacey from Quilt Creations.  Very talented lady.  She offers quilting supplies for sale, and classes.

MariĆ«tha does Srilanka embroidery and Mola.  She offers kits and supplies, and workshops.

Sharon and Brigette Cohen.  Stunning counted beadwork.  Sharon offers a monthly craft get together near Hartebeespoort.

Elna from Spoil yourself with Pewter did not stand still long enough for a photo.  You can get pewter supplies from Elna, and she teaches stunning workshops too. 
 Apologies to the exhibitors that I have left out.  I will amend this post with more photos as soon as I get them from other persons who had a camera at the show.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Centurion Craft Show - Day 1

Today was the first day of the annual Centurion Craft Show.  I don't do first days very well... for one thing, I never feel as though I have prepared enough.   You go to bed too late and toss and turn because you know you have to get up really early.  Then you get up really early, rush to the venue and work like a slave to get everything set up.  There's a big panic because you think you forgot the money box and the shopping bags, and suddenly your cell phone (lifeline) has disappeared.  In the search for the phone the money box and shopping bags are found, and when you start looking for car keys, you find the phone.  Adrenalin rush, dry mouth, disorientation!
When the doors finally open to the public it feels like someone rang the bell and school's out.  Oh the relief.  No more dashing around, what isn't done won't get done now.  Time to relax, and try to relate a little bit of your art to the onlookers.  
Petro caught a snap of me demonstrating teddy bear making.  If I remember to pack the camera tomorrow, and manage to find it once I'm there, I will take pictures of my stand. 
Here's a link to the Show Newsletter for those of you who are thinking of visiting.  And even if I don't see you there, have a good weekend!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quick reminder that the Centurion Craft Show is on from Friday to Sunday this coming week.  Hope to see you there!