Monday, October 7, 2013

Craft Show Photos

Craft Show is over, and what a lovely one it was this year.
Here's pictures of my stand.

This is Petro from Embroidery and All.  She is the mastermind behind Centurion Craft Show, and a master story teller.  I'm not going to tell you what that conversation was about, but as you can see, we were in stitches!  Petro teaches embroidery at her lovely studio in Eldoraigne, and offers embroidery supplies for sale.  You can visit her website at

Ronel from Nilla's Needlecraft joined us for the first time at the show this year.  Ronel is a Pfaff agent, and stocks the most amazing range of yarn for knitting and crochet.  

Johann from Glass and Fire.  Glass bead making and jewellery.  This is one of the most fascinating crafts to watch.  He draws a crowd every year.

Neeske Pacey from Quilt Creations.  Very talented lady.  She offers quilting supplies for sale, and classes.

MariĆ«tha does Srilanka embroidery and Mola.  She offers kits and supplies, and workshops.

Sharon and Brigette Cohen.  Stunning counted beadwork.  Sharon offers a monthly craft get together near Hartebeespoort.

Elna from Spoil yourself with Pewter did not stand still long enough for a photo.  You can get pewter supplies from Elna, and she teaches stunning workshops too. 
 Apologies to the exhibitors that I have left out.  I will amend this post with more photos as soon as I get them from other persons who had a camera at the show.


  1. Now that looks like my kind of show. Your stall looks great. I'm sure you went home with ideas popping out of your head.
    Hugs Kay

    1. Thanks for the kind words about my stall, Kay. Yes, this show is a good one for recharging one's creative batteries. Every time we have it I start another hobby!

  2. Thank you for sharing. ..wish I could be there too . hugs

    1. Hi Natalia
      Small shows where artists collaborate are definitely the way to go. Every year I fill a few workshops from show attendees. And I get home with lots of inspiration!