Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Teddy Bear Pattern - A simple softie to sew for Bearathon

Here's a very simple and quick to sew teddy bear softie for you to make. Let's have a look at how to do it:

Make a sturdy template from the pattern, by cutting it from cardboard or an old X-ray.
Cut a piece of fabric approximately 35cm x 35 cm.  If the fabric is stretchy, turn the square so that the most stretch is in the sideways direction.
Fold fabric in half, from left to right.
Place the template on doubled fabric and mark the outline with a felt pen or fabric marker.

Pin the two layers of fabric together so that it will not shift while sewing.
Sew all the way around the outline.  You can use a sewing machine, or sew by hand.
 Leaving a 5mm seam allowance, cut neatly all around the teddy bear.
Mark and cut a slit where indicated on the chest of the teddy bear.  This is for turning.
Carefully cut the slit between the legs.
You can also cut small notches around the bear wherever there is a corner.  This will help the fabric to stretch in the right direction when you stuff the bear.

Turn the bear right side out.
Lay the template on the front of the teddy bear (side with slit cut in it) and mark the arm lines and the position of the eyes and nose. 
The line of top stitching through the ears is optional.

Sew the arm lines (and the ears if you are doing that).

Attach the nose and eyes.  You will need an awl, knitting needle or something similar to make a hole on each mark.
Push the shanks of the eyes and nose through the fabric from the right side.

Fasten a safety washer over each eye and the nose by pressing down on it firmly. 
This is easily achieved if you hold a thread spool over the washer and push down.

Stuff the bear.  Use a chopstick, spoon handle, or a haemostat if you have one.  Make sure that the stuffing reaches all the way into the tips of the toes and fingers.
Close the opening with small stitches.

Attach a felt shape or other embellishment over the opening.
Voila!  Your bear is finished and ready to hug.

The instructions and pattern sheets for this project is available as a PDF download (2MB) HERE.


  1. What a cute simple bear - love the eyelashes!

  2. Thank you so much. It only took me 3 hours of searching to find the perfect pattern to make memory bears for hospice. I needed something simple and not time consuming.

  3. I love them! Thank you for the pattern. So easy to make and give to a child in need of a toy.

  4. Thank you for providing this free pattern. A very good friend just lost her husband at age 35. She has a daughter under the age of one and a baby on the way. I will be able to sew these up quickly this evening to be given with his flowers at the funeral. God Bless!

  5. Muito obrigada por ser gentil e compartilhar.

  6. You have a lovely mixture of teddies to make from material to socks. Thank you so much, they are all cuties.