Thursday, February 28, 2019

Short and Sweet

Hey, what's going on?
Nothing much or lots, depending on how you look at it.
February had a surprise in the form of a visit from my father in law, Siegfried, all the way from Germany. He will be with us for a few more weeks and while he's here, I'm cooking delicious food and making sure he gets enough rest and frequent short walks.
I'm busy with my various jobs, working on my long-term goal of achieving an organized life, and despite everything else going on in the past few weeks, I made great strides with miniatures.
I've set aside the clay and fabric for a while and started experimenting with resin. Anything sticky and messy is outside my comfort zone but I think I'm finally mastering the medium and loving the result.
If you're getting ready for spring and enjoying warmer days, make the most of it. Here in South Africa, we're bringing in the harvest and basking in mild end-of-summer days with glorious sunshine.