Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Weekend

This afternoon I sent my long suffering life partner on an errand.  I told him that I need ten pine needles.  Long, dry and brownish in colour, but still pliable enough to make a plat.  He didn't even ask what I wanted them for.  Just got in his car and scoured the neighbourhood for a suitable tree. 

On days like this I wonder whether I am living a fairy tale.  I really got the perfect man, a knight in shining armour. 

Or maybe it's some poor ordinary mortal, under the spell of a witch, you think.  What does she want with platted pine needles?

I am working on an article for a print publication.  The deadline is tomorrow... Story of my life, I still haven't found the magic clock that will stop time for a while.
When I am done, I will share a tutorial with you here on the blog.

I hope you have been visited by the Easter Bunny, and are working your way through a basket of chocolate eggs.


  1. Yes, you have a one-in-a-million knight.

    Happy Easter, take time to enjoy.

  2. What a guy. He needs a medal. I will be waiting to see what happen to the pine needles.

  3. Spent the day up to my elbows in pine needles and glue, things are starting to take shape. The knight made dinner and skimmed leaves off the pond. It has been a good weekend.