Friday, March 15, 2013

Living Creatively

This week my friend Tania visited for a few days.  Whenever we get together there's some kind of electricity in the air, and we go a little crazy.  It could be too much caffeine, too little sleep, too much information gathered by surfing the internet, too little excercise and fresh air...  Whatever the cause, the result is usually something stunning that would not have happened if we were each working on our own.  This proves my theory that creativity grows in clumps, and in fits and spurts.  You need the right mix of ingredients for the magic to happen.   Being an artist is a tough job, you can't do it from nine to five on weekdays, you have to work all hours when the mood strikes, then lie around and read paperback romances and drink tea until the next wave hits.

Here you can see the little arms and legs that were left to dry on the window ledge overnight.  I was rather disappointed at sunrise to find that the elves didn't come and finish the job in the night.  And there's Tania, still fiddling around near midnight, refusing to go to bed until the maryjanes are on the doll... Two of my works in progress.  A cloth and clay combination realistic doll, and a needle sculpted carricature cloth doll with tabbed joints.  And the little Katie and Carinus bears that I managed to finish and deliver in between.

Tonight I'm dog tired, all stitched up and sewn out.   It's a great feeling.  Looking forward to falling into bed and recharging my batteries so I can be inventive again in the morning.  Wishing you a magical weekend!

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