Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Snow in Pretoria!

Yep, at around one pm today we got a flurry of snow too.  Really just a smattering.  It was awesome.  Not like rain that falls down, the snowflakes floated in the air, and disappeared as soon as they hit the ground.
Snow falling around Cape cottage and the fountain. 
Henning, who is German, and who doesn't think it's snowing unless you have to dig out your car with a shovel, could not understand why we are so excited. 
Considering this is the first snow we've had in our lifetime, the dogs and I celebrated anyway.

Dino and Colani say it was definitely coming from the sky, but they could not see who was throwing it.
Shame, Attila got some in her eye.
So, this is how much snow we had.  Time to stop fooling around and get back to work!


  1. The snow looks so pretty. I guess it was very cold.

    1. We don't really have very cold weather here in sunny South Africa, we just like to grumble about the skies a lot :-)

  2. Hi Megan, what beautiful dogs you have!

    1. Thank you :-) Although they are big brutes, we are blessed at the moment with a bunch of dogs that really get on well together, they all have sweet natures.