Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Petzi, a little animal I made for my own collection from an Eileen Seifert pattern

I really admire the designs of Eileen Seifert.  Over time I have bought and hoarded quite a few of her patterns.  Oh, to find the time to make all the things that inspire me!
A few years ago I was practising making faces with a press mold.  Most of them turned out awful and were thrown away, but I kept a few that I felt had potential for an altered art project in future.  Recently I came across one of these and thought it looked rather like a cat.  It gave me the idea that I could adapt Eileen's Petzi pattern and make one.  This is the result.
I rescaled the pattern to make an 8cm (3 inch) animal, turned the teddy ears into pointy ears, and made a tail.  My cat-Petzi turned out like a rather well stuffed sausage.  I love the old fashioned look. 
Here is the original pattern.  Also have a look at Eileen's other patterns.  You will be inspired!

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  1. Oooooooh... sooo beautiful Megan :)
    Great work!!!! Thank you so much for your nice mail and the picture of your sweetest cat of the world. :))))

    Have a wonderful christmas time!!!!!

    Eileen :)