Friday, February 15, 2013

Random Chat

On the home front, this week has been a worthy sequel to last week’s dramas.  My car troubles are not yet a thing of the past, and on Monday my computer went up in a puff of smoke, again!  Fortunately it was the power supply (again!) and it was repaired within a day.  Apart from becoming a bit tedious and draining on my creative energy, at least these incidents give me lots to talk about.  After a while one can even start looking on the funny side. 

I have a bit of a thing for gadgets.  While at the computer shop I came across something to console me for my worries.  See the little 10cm Mini in the picture.  Yep, you are right, the lights are on!  This car is a cleverly designed computer mouse.  You can drive it all over your desk to navigate on your computer, and a quick click on the bonnet will take your cursor to the right spot. If no one is within earshot, you can even softly go brrrrm brrrrm as you drive.  Next time we go to the computer shop I’m getting a flash drive shaped like a panda.  Henning shakes his head and mutters about small minds. I think he is jealous. 

Next week I am starting a sculpture course and I’m busy getting my toolkit ready and mentally preparing for that feeling of dumbest kid in the class.  One of the items on our supplies list to bring to class is ‘a pair of callipers’.  I knew I had one, only problem is that I last used it about 25 years ago when I was studying maths.  Fortunately I’m not only a gadget freak, but also a hoarder.  After a long dusty search I unearthed a metal pencil case with compasses, callipers, and an interesting assortment of sliding rulers, triangles and other shapes.  What those are meant for I have no idea.  No doubt some time in the past I did something amusing with them while the maths teacher wasn’t watching, but now I have forgotten.  I think I will use them to make a wind chime.  But first I’m going to hang on to them in case I need them in class.  If nothing else I might be able to use them to impress my fellow students.  The sculpting class is making me a bit nervous.  I think I’m out of my depth.  In kindergarten I was always the kid who made a fearsome dragon or an elephant with huge flapping ears.  Then the teacher would come past my table and say “How nice, are you making an ashtray for your daddy?”  This was in the bad old days when everyone still smoked, even around kids.  Maybe Ms Gelderblom just had poor eyesight, or maybe smoke got in her eyes...

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. You will be a wonderful student. Relax and go with the knowledge that you are learning a new art.

    Happy weekend.

  2. Yes Henning is jealous!
    Oh you are so lucky - I also want a car mouse. I saw on one of the sewing sites that you also get flash drives in the shape of sewing machines reels of cotton and something else, can't remember the third one. When we were in Cape Town, there was a computer shop there that also sold all kinds of Flash Drives, including the Angry Birds.
    Relax and enjoy your class - when the going gets tuff just think of the days you had Ava in your class, NO-ONE can beat her!!!
    Hope to see the fruits of your labour soon.
    Have a good weekend and a great week.

  3. Love your mini mouse, now why am I thinking of a cartoon character!

    Go and enjoy your sculpting class, relax and remember to breathe :-)