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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Weekend is for play

I'm making cloth dolls for my own collection.  On my work table at te moment are designs by Susie McMahon, Marla Niederer, and Karen Musson.  Three artists with completely divergent approaches to doll making.  I'm learning a lot as I progress, and loving it.
I'm working in my hide-away spot under the trees.  In this terrible heat and drought it's difficult to find a spot to get comfortable.  The dogs are lying in the dust where lawn used to be... a summer storm with lots of rain would be so welcome!


  1. They are going to be fun to dress and to do the makeup!!!! Have fun girlie! !!xxxxx

  2. Can't wait to see them finished!! Looks awesome so far xx enjoy xx

  3. Good to read a post of you again, Megan! Just like the others, I can't wait to see them finished :)!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  4. Oh wow I am so jealous Megan. The dolls look too divine for words. Such beautiful dolls can only add a spring in your step even if you are living in the desert at the moment. Please keep us posted on your progress.

  5. Nou mis ek jou en studio sommer. Geniet dit!

  6. Dear Megan,

    Ohhh...this lovely dollies will be beautiful!
    I can't wait to see them..

    Wishing you a great weekend,