Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Del Prado House, bay windows

As a child, there were things that I dreamt of owning when I grew up. 
A bay window, a rocking chair, a conservatory, a very large dog, a mosquito net, wooden floors, a house with a gable, a chandelier. 
Although I have learned that material things have nothing to do with happiness, I do gain lots of joy from the wish list items I added to my real life.  Especially the bay window.  You will see photos of it in a post soon.   
The things that I don't have, I can give to the people living in my dollhouse!
The plywood box is the foundation for a conservatory add-on to the Del Prado house.  I'm keeping it for much later, many other things to do first.
From the box of salvaged pieces, I selected three bay windows to add to the sides of my house.   These windows were meant to be the type with a deep window ledge, suitable for displaying pot plants, I think.  I wanted them to reach all the way to the floor, to regain some of the floor space I lost when making the hallway wider, and because I think it makes a room more interesting when the floor is not a square.
I carefully cut out the window ledges, and used scrap plywood to build a box around each window that would reach to the floor of the dollhouse.  Note left over wallpaper from kitchen and hallway rear walls that I discarded.  Still not wasting anything, and not buying anything.  The smaller bay window will have a window seat, with a bookshelf underneath.
This is what they look like from the outside.
Next, I cut thin strips from a piece of pine veneer, and painted them white to make cottage pane windows.  The plastic window frames supplied in the kit of the Del Prado dollhouse has cottage panes, I want everything to fit together.
Two windows installed.  I really like them.
Of course, any of you who have an eye for architecture will see that I made some mistakes that would cause a real life house to fall over.  I really lack the ability to envision things in 3D.  If I had to build a house for myself to live in, without help, it would be a grass shelter!  Fortunately, in miniature anything is possible and I will tweak the top window a little.


  1. I love the "use it up" challenge you've given yourself. I think that makes us more creative, and therefore happier in the process and more connected to the finished project.
    I LOVE what you did with the windows! The house is going to be so interesting and give you so many display options inside and out!
    Really enjoying following along, Megan!

    1. Thank you Jodi! You are so right about using the stuff we have. I've discovered a ton of great usable stuff in my stash. Normally when I start a project, I just go out and buy what I need. This is going to be so much more fun.

  2. Nice job on the windows! I particularly like your ingenuity in adding the cottage panes. I might have to borrow that idea. :)
    I'm looking forward to following along your build.

    1. Thank you Sam, and you are welcome to borrow. I'm not following your example with the lampshades though, ha ha!

  3. It looks great Megan! I need to look into my Del Prada stash, maybe there are plywood sheets that I can pass along.

    1. Thank you Elga! Now that I'm fully in the swing of things, I'm having so much fun with this house.

  4. Your creativity is inspiring and encouraging! Love the windows

  5. Love the bay windows... a real life window seat has always been on my wish list too!
    I think that doll's houses serve as a great exercise in wish fulfilment... all the things we wish we could have can be created in miniature, plus the environments are always within our control. Unlike real life!
    It's really shaping up well :)

    1. Hmm, I recall a child's play room with a beautiful window seat in your collection. I hope mine will turn out even half as good as that!

  6. Hi Megan!
    I can't begin to tell you how much I like what you are doing AND the way you are doing it!
    The modifications on the windows is BRILLIANT- what a difference it has made and how pretty they all are!
    I love the panes you've created for them as well and I am sooooo Impressed with how they look installed - WOWEE!! :D