Saturday, May 11, 2019

I'm Flying, With a Little Help from My Friends

Here's a quick update on my plans. I will be on the plane tomorrow, as planned. Arm in a sling and feeling unprepared, but I know that everything will be fine in the end.
After a disastrous second visit to the specialist for my sore shoulder, I went back to my GP, who took matters in hand. He did the necessary tests and diagnosis himself, identified the problem, and prescribed a course of action. Doctors don't rat each other out, but I could tell that he was disgusted that I'd lost a week of potential recovery at a critical time due to the disinterest of his colleague.
My GP has been the family doctor for four decades and he knows me well. He noticed my bleary eyes and shrill voice and scribbled a note for sleeping- and anti-anxiety meds, laughing and telling Henning he knows I won't take it, grind it up and sprinkle it on my food.
I've been keeping track of the pills so no one can dope me, but as the pressure keeps mounting, there have been moments when I seriously considered gobbling a few.
I've been trying for a week to get a new SIM card for my phone to work; I need an international number. Yesterday, I figured out that the reason it's not working is that Busiswe with the bullfrog face at the phone shop was too busy applying lipgloss and snapping her gum to Rica the number. This is a legal requirement and I will have to go back to the shop with my original documents to redo it. It's weekend; I hope that someone will be bothered to help me before I catch the plane.
Also yesterday, we had an all-day power failure that lasted until 9:30pm. Although there were a few things I could do while we still had daylight, I'm now in panic mode to tick the last things off my list.
A concerning number of people in South Africa are on anti-anxiety meds, our generic name for it is Fokitol. Sometimes it feels as though not caring is the only way to survive in a country where no one does their job unless they're a criminal and about to do you in.
Fortunately, I have a huge bag full of stronger medicine. It's called my Friends and Family. Thank you for all your caring messages, prayers, and help over the last weeks. I haven't had time to personally respond to some messages, but once I'm out the other end you will hear from me.


  1. Once you're on the plane, just sit back and relax... the worst will be over. Hope you get your phone sorted out before you go though.
    Fokitol...... brilliant ;)

  2. I hope you a speedy recovery and a safe trip to Germany. Yes, it all will be ok at the end and you'll have a few anecdotes to tell but I know it hasn't been easy. Thankfully you have that powerful medicine on hand, nothing is better, family and friends, what a blessing. Have a great time in Germany!

  3. Sorry to hear about this. Huge mess. Just remember that taking a pill once in a blue moon to get back to a healthy mental state isn't a failure. You know your limits and capabilities.

  4. Feliz viaje, seguro que todo te irá bien, y tu familia y amigos de Alemania te estarán esperando .Disfruta de tu estancia y cuídate.Besos:-)

  5. I wish you a safe journey and quick recovery. Have a wonderful stay in Germany!
    Hugs, Drora

  6. I hope you can have a safe and speedy recovery. Get well soon - so that you can do things you love.

  7. Am I bad for laughing out loud at 'Fokitol'? I feel your pain sweetie. Safe journey and have a great time

  8. I'm glad to hear you're going to make it... with a little help of the best medical treatment starting with "F": Family and friends. Best wishes for a good flight and a wonderful time in Southern Germany.


  9. Sending good thoughts and wishes for a safe and happy trip with lots of unexpected and pleasant surprises!

  10. I'm so happy for you that you're still going to make this trip to Germany, Megan! Wishing you a quick recovery and a safe journey.
    Have a wonderful stay in Germany and enjoy your time there!
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. Hi Megan. I am glad you have gotten somewhere with the treatment. I know how it is with taking drugs - my mum always had trouble giving me emdication and I still don’t use it unless I really have to. But sometimes it really can help. I hope you find the happy medium and the arm comes good. Hope you’ve got some good books for the flight. X

  12. Espero que todo se solucione! de momento disfruta del viaje,de la familia y amigos,son una buena medicina,pero tampoco niegues la ayuda de vez en cuando de otros medicamentos,el dolor puede dañar seriamente la salud mental!
    Ánimo y pásalo lo mejor posible!

  13. You can do this! I know everything will work out in the end. If nothing else, try the sleep aides every other night maybe?

    I'm glad your doctor did something about your shoulder though!