Sunday, March 22, 2020

Every Breath You Take

Mr. Blueye Bonehead Modeling a Cloth Face Mask
I haven't finished the birdbath yet, but I'm getting there.
Yesterday, I took time out from crafts to sew reusable cloth face masks for my family. I searched the internet for patterns and after testing a few, decided on the one offered for free at CraftPassion. You only need a small piece of cotton fabric and some elastic and it's all sewn by machine so it's quick to make.
What I love most about it, is that it's fully reversible and comfortable to wear. Whenever I go out on a supply run, I've been using my N95 mask which I usually only put on when spray-painting or sanding resin. Apart from being overkill, it's hot and cumbersome. These funky cloth masks are much more practical and stylish.
I'm not going to preach in this post. All I'm saying is that if you don't wear a barrier mask when you go out during the coming months, you're more stupid than Mr. Bonehead!

When I asked my husband to choose fabric for his mask, he said the 'camo' pattern looked most practical. Haha, shall we tell him it's actually teddy bears?

Wishing you all a safe and peaceful week. I'm going back to the birdbath now.


  1. You matched up the bears so well on the seam, wow! um sorry, camo lol

  2. Unas mascarillas muy animadas para tiempos difíciles, cuidaros,besos:-)

  3. Dear Megan...while your masks are charming they will not protect your family against COVID-19. The only masks that will provide protection are N95 respirators and they must be fitted and worn correctly. Surgical masks and those made of fabric will not provide protection! Wash hands with soap often, don't touch your face and practice social distancing of 2 metres to help reduce your risk of getting the virus.

    1. You're completely right, ScrapbookingButterfly. However, when out shopping for groceries and keeping your distance from other people, one isn't likely to come into direct contact with the virus. The biggest danger in these situations is touching something that is infected and then touching your face. Again, you're quite right, wash, wash, and wash your hands!
      What a cloth mask is very good for, is preventing you from inadvertently touching your mouth or nose. It's also good for preventing the spread of any germs you have and might cough or sneeze into the environment if you go around unprotected.
      If everyone was courteous and wore a mask outside their homes, the virus would have a hard time spreading.
      We need to stop thinking only of protecting ourselves, and also have the courtesy to protect the people around us.

  4. He's adorable and he doesn't even know it! 😋

  5. Your husband is a man of good taste choosing this one - but in the end... he's a bearmaker's guy! ;O)

    It's a funny coincidence but while reading your post I've heard the daily podcast of Dr. Drosten in the radio (one of our top German virologists from the Charité of Berlin and among those who invented the corvid 19-test... a very prominent man these days) and it also had the topic of homemade masks. Well, our German expert says it's a sign of awareness and could at least be a help to protect others... Unlike in other countries where it's not allowed anymore to be outside without a mask we're still in team social distance here... from now on more than two people together in public is forbidden. My, it's in fact just a few days ago when I would never have imagined something like this could ever be possible... we can be thankful that so far we're safe and on the lucky side with a hobby that keeps us busy and brings happiness. So have fun with your birdbath - and never go out with your mask. Take good care of yourself!


  6. Glad you and scrapbooking butterfly had the mask conversation.... You nailed it. there is a real concern that may people may be less concerned about social distancing if they wear one thinking it protects them from others 'droplets' and won't know how to put it on or take it off correctly and worse won't wash it every time it is worn. We can only hope people keep talking about them and people get to understand how they might be useful.