Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Friends are a gift, and the art of Zentangle

On Monday I had a visit from Cobus and Gideon, two bear makers who emmigrated to Canada a few years ago.  It was lovely to have a chat with them about crafts and hobbies in Canada, and how their lives have changed since living there.  It is heart warming to see them doing so well, to know that the things we taught them here at Tin Soldiers went with them, and that they are keeping the hobby alive in the cold north.  They also came laden with presents, I feel spoilt rotten.  One of the things I will treasure is a Canadian 2 Dollar, with a polar bear in the centre.  Somewhere I'm going to work it into a mixed media project.
Isn't it darling?

Another gift was a teddy bear for ages three and up.  That means I'm in the right age category to appreciate it :-)  The bear is made from white fabric, with a design printed on it.  It comes with a set of fabric markers so that one can colour it the way you like.
I'm going to have fun with this.  It reminded me of the Zentangle bear project we did a few years ago.  Remember how much we enjoyed that?  It was one of the quietest workshops I ever taught!
Here are some pictures from the Tin Soldiers archives.
From plotting on paper...

To drawing the design with permanent ink on fabric...

To adding embroidered and bead embellished elements...

To sewing it all together...

The completed teddy bears!
Missed the Zentangle project?  Rick and Maria are masters of the art.  You can learn about Zentangle HERE.

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