Thursday, May 31, 2012


Earlier this week I went to the grocery store in search of 'alphabet' noodles.  Not to eat, it's for a polymer clay project that I have in mind.  While browsing the shelves I came across these gorgeous little teddy bears too.

Who could eat that???  Although, now that it is winter, soup is delicious in the cold weather.  Some teddy bears floating in there could look quite interesting.  I will let you in on the polymer and pasta secret soon soon.

Here in South Africa winter is starting properly.  The nights are cold and most of the pretty autumn leaves have fallen.  Colani says that he will still guard the studio door, but only if there is a blanket...

For the next few days I am going to be quite busy.  I am cutting out teddy bears for the workshop this coming weekend, trying to stay up to date with the homework for my sculpting course, and dealing with month end admin.  Doing it all with a glad heart, I am so HAPPY!  Just heard that a special friend is coming for a visit in June!

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