Monday, October 8, 2012

Centurion Craft Show - Report

Today I have a creative excuse for not being active at the clay table in my attic work room.  While I was taking mail order parcels to the Post Office, a swarm of bees decided to take up residence in the roof beams.  We have been experiencing a heatwave and insect and animal alike are hot and short tempered.  Every time I stick my head in there they buzz around me in a most threatening manner.  I've decided to leave them be till it grows dark this evening, when it cools down I will roust them out.  Fortunately I have experience working with honey bees, and am not allergic to their sting so when they have calmed down we will probably come to an amicable agreement over ownership of the attic.

In the meantime let me tell you about last weekend's craft show.  There isn't much to say, except that it was AWESOME.  We had a good turnout of visitors on all three days, and Henning virtually whipped the table cloths from under the last customers still working at the demonstration tables at 5pm on Sunday.  Doing demos and letting the ladies sit and make a small project was a very good idea.  It helped ensure that we were busy all the time.  Classes at Tin Soldiers are now almost fully booked for the remainder of 2012.  How lovely to meet so many new crafters!
Here Manie Kriel is entertaining the ladies at the demo table with the creative use of a scarf from the stand next to ours.  Manie from Manique Beadwork was a fellow exhibitor.  He's famous for his intricate beaded jewellery.  If you haven't seen his work, head over to his website for a peek.
Probably one of the things I appreciate most about this craft show is the level of collaboration between the artists who exhibit.  Because everyone is doing something different, there is no competition in our individual fields, and everyone gathers a heap of inspiration by watching their colleagues at work.
And this is what our sales tables looked like. 

Even the BBS (Big Black Suitcase) went with.  With such a generous amount of space available it is possible to build a beautiful display.

The next Centurion Craft Show is planned for 4-6 October 2013.

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  1. I hope you have come right with the bees. Lovely to see you had such a good time at the show. Your table looks awesome - just makes me wish I was there more!!!!