Thursday, April 25, 2013

Of mice and men

People often say things to me like 'you are so clever', and 'you have such wonderful ideas', and 'you make it look so easy'.  I can't take it seriously.  This is why.

I have just spent ten hours trying to make a miniature mechanical toy.  I have a desk full of eraser shavings, metal scraps, and one seriously scorched mouse and a burnt polymer cheese to show for my efforts. 
Some days are like that.  Taking something from an idea to a product that works can mean a lot of head scratching and dead ends.
Then, just as I was about to nibble on eraser shavings and chew wires, the man came home.  He took one look at my work table, twisted a piece of wire and started talking about tolerance and play.  Not in the context of human relationships.  Remember he's an engineer...
I spent hours trying one type of fabric and another to give the gears more grip.  He asks, what about sand paper?  I spent hours trying to align every axle and gear, and get them centred.  He says, offsetting the gears will give better torsion.   Whatever that is, but I can see what he means.
So, now I have some new avenues to explore.  At this late hour I'm going to start over.   When I go to bed I will dream of dancing mice.


  1. Three Cheers for the Man of the Moment.

  2. Yes, this man is a keeper :-)
    I have remade my sample, we have a dancing mouse! Will upload a video of the mouse in action in the next 48 hours.

  3. Awww bless you. some days are trials and some days pearls. Get hubby to help you.