Friday, April 12, 2013

You are my blessing

Some days life throws more challenges at me than I know how to juggle.  Sometimes there are many days like that in a row...
By the end of last week as I was preparing for the weekend's teddy bear workshop, I had that feeling that you get when you have to write an exam and you fear that you haven't studied enough.  It feels a little like stage fright too.  I am shy person and I lack self confidence.  I think not many people realize this.  Sometimes my customers intimidate me.  Even after all these years I fear that I will stand in a group of students and not know what to say.

Then dawn broke last Saturday and all twelve the ladies who were booked for the workshop turned up on time. Some ladies I knew already, and a few were new.   They were enthusiastic about the bears that they were going to work on.  Everyone had a little of their life story to share, and everyone was kind to everyone else in class.  The two complete beginners were receptive and quick to pick up on techniques.  The advanced students waited patiently for their turn to have my attention. 

At the end of the day when the ladies left, I felt that I was walking away from an enchanted circle. 

If you didn't already guess, you, my students, are my blessing.  Thank you for giving me a day where I felt that I was doing good, and good at doing it.  I strive with every workshop to let you leave feeling that way too. 


  1. Megan - having read your post and having got to know you over a number of years now, you certainly don't show your fears or shyness during your workshops - which in my mind are the best that I have ever attended, be they in Cape Town or Pretoria. Your wonderful personality and hospitality makes everyone feel so at home. Don't ever change - reamain just like you are.