Friday, August 9, 2013

Living at the end of the rainbow

Today continued with intermittent showers while I worked on my website, and the dogs all snuggled up on blankets around me.  Late this afternoon the sun came out for a few moments.  Just look at the beautiful rainbow that I captured with my cell phone from the bay window in the studio. 
It lasted long enough that I had time to grab my camera and take more pictures outside.

 And speaking of pictures... 
Today we deleted pictures from a motion activated security camera on the property.  The number of visitors in a twenty four hour period is quite astonishing.
Shortly before sunrise, the neighbour's cat.
Then an early morning mongoose.
As soon as it starts warming up, there's a monkey.  I'm sure this is the one who poops on cars.
And here are his friends.
Late afternoon a family of mouse birds sunning themselves in the dust.
And at midnight comes 'dikkop', a nocturnal bird.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful rainbow and I love the wildlife photos, still laughing about the monkey poo on your car.

    Happy weekend.