Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dino on Saturday

Like only animals and small children are able to do, after a week of near-dead-Dino today marked a sudden turnaround in his condition.
This morning he ate his breakfast, sniffed the other dogs and the shrubs in the garden, then plonked himself down for a snooze in the sun.  This evening when dinner was announced Dino came running.
There is still slight seepage from the snake bite area on Dino's forehead, and we will continue with antibiotics for another week.  Today for the first time, he 'emptied his tank' on a bush in the garden so we know his kidneys survived the ordeal.  Barring any new nasty surprises  I would dare say that we have overcome this challenge.

A heart felt thanks to everyone who have been worrying for Dino with us this last week, and for the get well cards from Johann and Helena, and all the dog treats that Claudia brought.  Dino feels quite spoiled.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, we are breathing a sigh of relief. This is a giant improvement and we continue to keep him in our hearts and prayers.

    Maybe you will get a good nights rest tonight.