Friday, September 6, 2013

We made it to the weekend!

Wow, another Friday evening, and I don’t know where the week has gone.  In between classes and cutting up meters and meters of felt that arrived, I seem to spend most of my time dusting and sweeping up all the dry grass the dogs are tracking indoors.  We really need rain to clear the air and to glue the dust to the ground for a change.
I’m happy to report that Dino is feeling MUCH better after his snake bite episode.  He’s developing a bald spot on his forehead where the snake bit him.  I hope it’s not permanent, and it’s not going to get worse than hair falling out.  Fortunately he doesn’t hang out in front of mirrors checking his appearance :-) As long as there are lots of cuddles and a snack going around his world is right.
Breakfast time, and the whole pack is milling around.  You can see Dino's bald spot, and that he is socialising with the other dogs again.
Something else that kept me busy this week, and nearly made it impossible to write this post today, was a virus in my computer.  I have to confess straight away that it was my own fault.  I went into a dodgy website and tried to download a file. (No, it was a sci-fi book, not porn).  My state of the art anti virus program annihilated three worms trying to sneak into my hard drive.  A fourth one slipped through.   This I only realized the next morning when I booted my computer and things were not as they should be.  After a scan of my entire computer and devices attached, the anti virus program was still complacently flashing green check marks, but I could see evidence of infection all over.  Instead of doing the sensible thing and taking the computer away to have it disinfected, I went after the worm with flame throwers and grenades.  I nuked every file where I thought it might be hiding, and caused lots of ‘collateral damage’.  Ah, but the satisfaction when I squashed it in the end!  Standing on top of the smoking ruins, I realized that I had no idea how to fix the files I destroyed during my rampage.  End result:  two days reinstalling and repairing programs.  It’s all back in working order now.  And I have two anti virus programs running, and a backup of my backup.  Talk about paranoid.    

Wishing you a creative weekend. 


  1. Ah, there is our beautiful Dino, he looks wonderful, looking at him now you would never guess the hell he went through, you and Henning too.

    Happy weekend and give all the fur kids kisses from us.


  2. The photo of Dino looking more interested in life, makes my heart happy. Keep wagging your tail Dino.

  3. Yep, our Dino is his old self. I'm happy to see him doing dog things with the rest of the animals.