Thursday, September 19, 2013

Babies and bogged down

Yargh.  The only times I get bogged down in Facebook and Pinterest are when I have too much work to do.  Would someone come with a rope and haul me out please?

On the up side, I was one of the first ones to see when Carol from Bears and Beads announced a few minutes ago that her daughter Monique has had a baby.  Little boy.  110 years to the day from great grandfather's birth.  That takes some doing.

Congratulations to Monique and John, and the entire DuToit/Sandell family!!!

Tonight I have flamigoes (not storks) on my creative mind, and am desperately trying to load more products on the new website while Nerina taps her fingers on her desk and wiggles her eyebrows at me.  I'm up to MMMM... mmmmore than halfway done, Nerina.
Sometimes I just need a little push.


  1. Thank you so much for this post Megan, we feel like Royalty - what a privilege to be on your blog. Just a bit more useless information, we actually discovered that his Great Great Grandfather was born in 1900 which makes it 113 years. The old man became a grandfather for the first time on his own 50th birthday. Danny's father also became a grandfather for the first time exactly 49 years ago to the day, and to top it all when Michael was introduced to the local GP yesterday, we found out that he also has a birthday on 19 September. This little boy sure did choose a good day.

  2. Babies don't happen too often so they are cause for celebration! This one is cute as a button. I know that you are going to have heaps of fun with him. It sounds as though he was born under a lucky star, but I think luckiest of all is that he was born into a nurturing family!