Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Polymer Clay Teddy Bear Workshop

If you are South African, I hope you enjoyed the public holiday and celebrated it appropriately by having a braai.  For those of you who don't know, today is Heritage Day here in South Africa, and some of us celebrate it by having a barbeque, which we call a braai.  The meat is accompanied by bread, salads, and another delicacy (especially for those of us who grew up in the Free State) called mieliepap.  This is made from ground maize,  like polenta. 

I spent part of the day at my computer, deadlines looming, and part at the clay table where I just finished photographing the making of a teddy bear in detail, step by step.
This is for the polymer clay workshop at our studio on Saturday.

Some of my working samples obviously also missed their afternoon nap and are feeling grumpy.  Just look at that blue bear in the back row aiming a kick at the bear with the heart.  I do hope they are going to behave better on Saturday!

If you would like to join the workshop, here's some information:
  • The workshop is aimed at beginners, no clay experience is necessary. 
    I will provide clay and workshop notes, and we will use the studio tools, so you don't need to bring your own.  Teatime treats included, as always!
  • We will cover the basics of working with clay.  How to figure out proportions.  Specific techniques for making shapes that form the parts of the bear.  We will make two teddies.  Our first little ted will be basic, like the one with the heart.  The next one will have more detail and accessories.  
  • Cost of the workshop is R 120 and there are two workshops.  Morning session from 9am till 12pm, and afternoon session from 1pm till 4pm.  If you would like to stay for the day, you are welcome, arrange with me for a reduced workshop fee.  
  • Booking is essential.  At the moment there are still two places available in the morning class, and one in the afternoon.  Email me megbear99@gmail.com if you would like to attend.


  1. I always go to the antique fair at the Voortrekker monument on Heritage day, and normally find a special treasure or two.

    Have fun with the workshop, and I hope the teddies behave with the beginners! :-)

  2. Hm, forgot about the antique fair, so many things on my mind. I like to go there too! What these little bears don't appreciate is that they are made from unbaked clay... a fist could descent on them any time...

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the holiday.

  4. So wish I could be there. I am sure I will enjoy this more than the button jointed one you tried to teach me.

    1. For a change I feel really well prepared for this workshop. Let's see what the ladies make today. Inboxing you with all the gossip later :-)