Friday, September 13, 2013

Frightday the 13th

Today is one of those black cat days on the calendar… I’m not superstitious so I suppose it’s OK to wish you a happy Friday the 13th!  I do have a few silly beliefs though.  One of them is that if you want it to rain, just wash the windows.  Well, I washed the studio windows on Wednesday and have been hopefully watching the skies ever since.  Not a cloud in sight.  Henning says I should try painting the roof.  That always works for him.
Still on the subject of black cats; here in South Africa we don’t really celebrate Halloween.  In other countries they make more of a fuss over it.  Maybe we are too strait laced here, or maybe we just don’t scare easily :-)  We do have a colloquial saying that we can’t be frightened by cold pumpkin, so some Halloween stories must have crossed the equator with our ancestors.  I think it’s more than a month to Halloween but I see lots of spooky offerings on craft blogs and websites, and I have succumbed to the charms of a few of these spooky cats over the years.  One of my favourite designers is Susan Barmore from Frowning Francis Designs.  Another is Ginny Simpson from The Cat and the Fiddle. If you are thinking of doing something similar in time for Halloween, it’s probably time to start.
Tomorrow we have a workshop here in the studio to make Roz, the needle felt bear.  As soon as I finish writing this post, I’m going to start wiping tables and putting out the supplies that we need in class tomorrow.  I’m looking forward very much to the workshop, this is such a fun project, and it is very satisfying to see everyone’s bears taking shape.  I will put photos on the blog after the weekend.

And just to satisfy your sweet tooth, why not make this yummy looking (cold) pumpkin from paint and floral foam?  It would be a great prop with a teddy bear or doll.

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