Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Cleanup

I'm on a mission to reduce clutter and to eradicate the dust bunnies that are growing teeth all over the place.  Today I had a surreal cleanout of my wardrobe.
Started by throwing all the clothes in a pile on the bed for sorting.  Then I crawled inside to see what is hiding in the back.
Had a little "Alice down the rabbit hole" moment there.  I don't think I've been inside a wardrobe since I was about five.  Suddenly I had a vivid memory of a brown cardboard suitcase full of childrens magazines called Bollie.  I used to read those in the back of my wardrobe, when life became too much for a small child. 
Alas, found no magazines.  But I did find my skipping rope.  There was a summer between age six and seven when I never stopped skipping.  I gave the the rope a swing and tried a few quick hops, but the batteries must be flat, it was much more difficult than I remember, and I definitely didn't have so many wobbly bits back then.
Out came a wooden contraption with screws and wingnuts on each corner.  Took me a while to remember what that was - a flower press.   Some time in my pre-teens I was heavily into botanicals, there are still a few squashed roses in there.  I sat down and pondered the merits of going into the garden and finding a few flowers to press, but alas, it's only early spring and there are hardly any blossoms yet.  This is a hobby for someone who has lots of time.
Next I found a pair of fishnet stockings.  Teens and later.  Only way I will ever be able to wear those again is as a scarf!  A bit depressing that, so I went and made a cup of tea and had a good giggle remembering a time when the stockings fit.
Before you know it, the afternoon is gone and it's bedtime.  I'm dog tired and my bed is buried under a mountain of clothes.  I think I will find a sleeping bag and camp on the couch tonight.
Sleep tight, everyone.


  1. Ha ha, Megan I know the feeling well. Our memories take over and we want to read that old diary or have a skip.. Then the day has gone. I do hope you have a comfortable night.

    1. Don't know when I grew such a lot Kay, in my imagination I'm still about the same size I was as a child... I'm convinced now that Lewis Caroll wrote "Alice" after cleaning out his wardrobe, all the elements of spacial disorientation and improbable scenarios are there, together with 'losing time' :-)
      This morning I woke up to my normal size and state of mind. I'm going to do something less hazardous with the day!