Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa made a delivery!

Santa made an early delivery today.  Maybe because I've been throwing so many hints, or maybe they were just too big to fit on the sleigh with all my other presents :-)
Owl boxes!  He even got the colours right.  The grey house will be put up on the side of the barn, and the green house will go in the blackwood tree behind the studio.
These boxes are durable and were designed specially to be attractive to owls.  Once a pair of owls have raised a family in a box, they will keep returning to it.
Now all we have to do is wait for owls to take up residence.  This could take a few years... patience, sigh, does anyone know where I can get owls for Christmas?
With owl metabolism much higher than that of a snake, they are very prolific hunters.  I'm hoping that they will naturally solve our snake problem.  Owls do catch snakes when they can, and even if they don't get every snake, they will exterminate rodents and other small animals that are snake food, thus causing the snakes to move out of the owl's hunting area. 

If you would like to read more about JoJo owl boxes, you will find the information here

We have another early Christmas present.  It has been raining for more than 24 hours now.  You can see in the picture how wet everything is.  I can almost hear the garden grow.


  1. May be you need Kookaburra's they eat little snakes and lizards. Do you have kookaburra's where you live?

    1. We don't have Kookaburra's here. Sounds like something we need... maybe you can stick a pair in an envelope and send them :-)
      We do have crows, and a variety of small falcons that also catch snakes and lizards, but I never see them in our garden.