Monday, December 16, 2013


Please note that Tin Soldiers Studio will be closed between 17 December and 25 January.

Every summer a variety of frogs and toads breed in our ponds.  The various species have different patterns of development, and some mature much faster than others.

Today the bufo rangeri (toad) tadpoles that hatched in the mud pond a few weeks ago decided all at once that it is time to get out and breathe air.
  All those black dots on the rocks are tiny toads.
Sweet, I find things miniature and perfect very fascinating.  These little guys only grow to about 11cm, but oh, the noise they produce during summer evenings!  No wonder their common name is raucous toad.  I am looking forward to hearing them sing next season.

And no, I haven't opened the box.  It's my Christmas present to me and I'm exercising lots of self constraint.  Today we also have our final all day doll making workshop of the year.  Maybe if I'm a good girl I will let myself take a peek in the box later this week.

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