Monday, June 23, 2014

Polishing out the scratches

Yep, that's me.  Still flat on my back.  Dressed for the occasion in  pyjamas from my mother, hand knit socks from Rose, and felt fairy slippers from my sister.  Who wouldn't feel better with such a comfortable and colourful get-up?

I'm happy to tell you that the staples are out and we've definitely moved from wound to scar

Someone once dinged my car in a parking lot while I was shopping.  I came home crying and very cross.  Henning, thinking like all men that cars are the chariots of gods, understood my unhappiness and was quite sympathetic.  He dried my tears and said, "Don't be upset, I'm sure it will polish out."  

At the doctor having the staples removed, looking at the wound site and imagining the scarring on the inside, I feel like a dented car.  Reading my mind, Henning said, "Don't worry, it's just a scratch. I'm sure it will polish out."

I asked the doctor if there are exercises or any other course of action that I could take to get better faster.  He laughed and told me to stay horizontal and see him in two weeks.  So there we have it, rest and more rest.  If it takes longer than I would have liked, I will just have to live with it.  Can you tell that there's a little bit of impatience there?  Sure sign that I'm starting to feel better. 


  1. awesome slippers!!! behave nd get better soon :-)
    Dawn xx

  2. Your footwear looks all Happy and Toasty - just like you need to be!
    Do follow doctor's orders - we'll count 14 more sleeps with you, then maybe he'll let you up!
    Warm wishes, Aurora

  3. Love your get up - lots of people love you!! Slowly does it very nicely....even the polishing bit ;)

  4. Sorry to hear your news. Now is the time to put yourself first and take time to heal. Get well soon.

  5. loves and warm fuzzies are still being sent to you from Teddy Bears Haven
    Take it step by step