Monday, July 7, 2014

Good News

I'm dog tired after an outing to the doctor.  Wanted to tell you the good news though, before I crawl into bed for a long snooze.

There will be no further surgery.  Healing is on track now.  We are going to blast the rest of this illness with a mega dose of medicine.  I WILL be me again.

The man went along to hold my hand for moral support today.  I thought he probably just wanted an opportunity to tell tales about how many times I went up the stairs (strictly forbidden), how I picked up heavy stuff (strictly forbidden) and how my eyes seem to have sprung a leak.  I realize that this is a difficult time for him. 
In the sonar room he and the doctor had a good laugh.  Henning said now that he's seen what's inside my body he understands me completely.  He thought the screen looked like a satellite weather picture.  There were storm fronts along the coast and pressure systems all over the place.  Not to mention cloudy weather and scattered showers, lots of rain!  So there's one of life's mysteries solved.

For the next three months I will need to take things slowly.  But I am allowed to go up the stairs, and pick up stuff that is not too heavy.  I don't have to stay in bed as long as I don't feel tired.  By now I'm so used to staying in bed, I have no idea what to do tomorrow. Think I will start by going up the stairs!


  1. Celebration thankful for the good news. You have no idea how much you have been prayed for and thought about, no idea.

    Please continue to rest and give your body time to heal completely. It's so good to hear from you.


  2. Well it is time for a tea party. We will bring the eats and the tea and spoil you rotten. But get as much rest as possible us teddy people still need you and the fun we have had