Friday, July 11, 2014

Encounter at 2AM

I wake up at 2am with a parched throat and feverish brow.  Still busy processing anaesthesia and the horror of surgery.  I reach out to take a sip from the water glass next to my bed and feel a soft caress on my cheek, followed by a feathery touch on my hand and then something lands in bed next to me with an audible plop.
With a girlish shriek I levitate several feet into the air, and hang there while groping for the light switch.  I do not appreciate supernatural visitations in the middle of the night.
In blazing light, and with reason restored, I shake out blankets in search of the mysterious being, and am rewarded with an awesomely large arachnid.  
My eight legged visitor was shooed into a plastic dish and deposited in a far corner of the garden.  I don’t mind spiders nearly as much as ghosts.  But I don’t share my water with just anyone.  I’m getting a tankard with a hinged lid! 

If you thought spiders drinking from your water glass is a myth, here is conclusive evidence to the contrary.  While we sleep, the creepies do come out to take a sip or two. 


  1. Ag dank die Vader dit was nie ek nie. My hart is swak. Baie bly jy het nie skade oorgehou daarvan nie. Renee

  2. Looks like a rain spider? Good thing your staples were out or you might have torn them by levitation. My youngest son would have gone out of the upstairs window .......Hee Hee. Aurora