Monday, October 20, 2014

Good Morning Friends!

Good Monday Morning Friends

This weekend I experimented with needle sculpted doll heads.  Here's a quick peek.
A basic round head is made from calico.  It is stuffed firmly and mounted on a dowel.  A second layer of stretch fabric is pulled over the head.  Stitches are applied in some areas such as the eyes, hair line and bridge of the nose.  Stuffing is then inserted between the two cloth layers and sculpting stitches used to further shape the head.
Although I've done needle sculpting, I've never tried this technique before.  Having a firm core to anchor stitches into, and the dowel to hold on to while working makes all the difference.  I'm amazed at how easy it is, and how satisfying the result.

Unfortunately today is Monday.  It's back to work, and I have a lot to do this week with a commercial design that I'm working on.  No playing with these girls anymore till next weekend.

But hey, in this studio work is play!  Wishing you a fulfilling week.


  1. They look really good Megan, have a great week in the studio!

    1. Thanks, Elga! I'm having much fun with these. Can you see that they are going to be cloth Hitty's???

  2. Hi Megan, it's nice to "meet" you :)!
    I must tell you that I like these dolls faces, Megan, never seen before :)!
    Well, I think that with your new glasses it will be a feast for you to work at them again this coming weekend ;)?
    You make the most beautiful and adorable bears, my compliments for your work as an artist!
    Thank you for your comment for my roses!
    Sorry, for my poor English, it's not my mother tongue...
    Kind regards, Ilona

    1. Thank you for the kind words Ilona. We can start a mutual adoration society :-) I was blown away by your miniature plants at