Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's a new day and a new me

Today Hindus celebrate Divali, a day of light, renewal, lifting of spiritual darkness. 
For me it's a day of light and clear vision.  My spectacles arrived.  Both pairs.
Recent illness caused my eyesight to deteriorate badly.  After enjoying years of near perfect vision, lately I have been stumbling around in a blur.  It's very depressing. 
I used to amaze people with the things I could make with plain eyesight and a pair of hands.   When I moaned about it to a friend she said, "Well, now you can tell them you're half blind and look what you still can do".  So there, no keeping me down!
What I need is one of those handy strings to hang one pair around my neck so that I can perch the other on my head, and switch them around as required. 
Now that I can properly see what I'm doing, I think I will go and sew a bear.
Happy Divali, everyone!


  1. Hey there Megan - Like your glasses! I have a beaded 'string' for you ....Will come visit one day and bring it.

    1. Thanks Aurora. I love the new glasses, but I've misplaced them a thousand times already. I definitely need that string!