Thursday, December 18, 2014

Flycatcher - Second rescue successful!

After a while baby Flycatcher seemed to calm down.  I checked it over and didn't find obvious injuries.  It was kicking well with both legs and flapping its wings.  Henning fed it a fly with a pair of tweezers.
I moved the box outside.  In a few minutes it started calling for its parents and both answered.  I could see them flitting around in the trees.
Moments later the Burchalls cougal arrived on the scene and there was another fight.  I sent it packing.  Clyde is watching the tree to make sure it doesn't return.
The mommy bird coming to see if her child's OK.
Here she is on the edge of the box, bringing a bug.

A short while later the baby hopped out of the box and into the tree.
I'm going to take some work outside and sit under the tree for the rest of the day.  Someone's got to watch for that cougal!

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