Thursday, December 18, 2014

Paradise Flycatcher - Update

Yesterday I got up at 4am and returned the Flycatcher baby to its nest.
About an hour later when checked on it, it was sitting on a branch above the nest.  The parents kept returning to feed it throughout the morning and all seemed to be well.
At around 1pm a Burchalls cougal arrived and tried to snack on the baby for lunch.  The parents kicked up a huge fuss and I was able to intervene and chase it away.
The cougal kept returning throughout the afternoon and I chased it away numerous times.
Meanwhile baby bird was being watched over by the parents and I was encouraged to see it taking small leaps between tree branches. I don't think it has enough pin feathers yet to fly, but it is certainly practising.
Last night all three Flycatchers slept together on a branch at the top of the tree and I thought all would be well.
Unfortunately this morning the Flycatcher parents got involved in a serious brawl with Burchalls cougal and we had to intervene once again.  I'm afraid there were injuries.  Henning picked up the seriously scuffed baby from the ground.  I have put it in a box to calm down and will check in a little while to see if it is badly injured.
It worries me that I don't see the mother bird.  The male is outside and calling. 
I will report back later.

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