Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Wish For 2015

 Beautiful bonfire built by Henning for our New Year dinner party.

I thought that if I could start 2015 with a tidy workroom and a clean house I would be happy.  Every year the same idea comes to my mind.  I really tried.
This morning my studio is scattered with so many works in progress that I can't even count them. 
The kitchen counters are piled high with dirty dishes and there's a trail of mud on the floor where the dogs ran through.  A tangle of laundry waits for the washing machine.

I'm happy.

Never in my life have I started a year when I felt that I had as much potential and new ideas as I do today.
The party around a fire with friends and family was memorable and a quiet celebration for making it through a difficult year.
My home is filled with the humans and animals I love.

I'm happy.

2015 will be the year when I make a bonfire of wants and wishes.  I'm burning away all the trivialities that aren't pertinent to living a purposeful life.  I will work hard beside that fire.  Because I have a plan.  This is a year for taking action.

May your year be filled with purpose too, and may you have the strength and good health to put your plan in action.

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  1. My very best wishes to you and yours for 2015, Megan!
    Warm hug, Ilona