Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Teapot for Jodi and Other Stories

Jodi Hipler at My Miniature Madness is building a dollhouse called Storybook Cottage. It's got a teatime theme and I'm enchanted with the house even if it's far from finished.
Ages ago I made a few mouse teapots following a Youtube tutorial by Christel Jensen. Christel is one of my long-time miniaturist heroes, and together with Angie Scarr probably the reason I started making polymer clay food. I see that Christel has taken the teapot video down, but there are still some delicious cupcake tutorials on her page.

Enough name dropping. Jodi, I'm sure I could do a better job if I tried making one of these teapots now and I would love to send you one to add to your cottage kitchen. If you would like a mouse teapot please let me know what colour you prefer and I will get onto it. You will most likely only receive it at Christmas for reasons below.

On to Other Stories.

You might have noticed that there have been no new posts on my blog for a while, that I've stopped commenting on the blogs I regularly follow and dropped off Facebook and Instagram.  I hope everyone haven't been having too much fun without me. As soon as I settle into my new routine, I will be back in full force.

What happened?  I GOT A NEW JOB!!! Yeah, I know. I already have several. But this one brings me closer to a dream I had almost given up on. I've always wanted to be able to say that I'm a writer. Real writers get paid for writing. Well, it's finally happening! In June I started working as a writer for a company that employs a whole team of writers. We even have editors who read the stuff we write and return it with lots of red marks. And then we get paid. I love it! (Ha ha, Emily and Sharon, I know you are reading this with your pencils tucked behind your ears). I'm not going to tell you who the company is or who our clients are, but I might talk in general terms of what I'm writing about in future.

For those of you enjoying summer in the northern hemisphere, I'm jealous as I sit at my computer under a blanket. If you are suffering from the heat wave in Europe, I hope it rains soon.

Writerly yours

P.S. One of my tarantulas is going to have babies at the end of August!


  1. Imagine my thrill and delight when, just stopping for a moment from my primer application to eat a Lean Cuisine pizza, I pull up my blog roll to see not only my name, but your kind words about the cottage, and an offer to receive one of these incredibly adorable teapots made by your very own hands! Yes! Yes, please!!! I love the green, peach or pink, and whenever you have time to send it, I will have a place of honor in the cottage for it! So thoughtful! Thank you, Megan!

    And ~Hearty Congratulations~ on being gainfully employed in a job that lets you explore your dreams! Never give up on them! Life is long and opportunities can spring from very unexpected places! I hope you're having a blast!

    Tarantula babies? You never know what you don't know but want to know more about. I'm going to get my Google on...

    I'll send an email with my address! :*

  2. That's all very exciting (apart from the tarantula babies as I'm a complete arachnophobe *shudder*) Well done on the new writing job.... that's always been a dream of mine too!
    I love, Love, LOVE those little mouse teapots... are they 1/12th scale? Do you make them to order? I suspect you may have opened the flood gates!!!

  3. Hi Megan! Congratulations on your new job!!!! I think that that is the best of both worlds, when you get to do what you love AND get paid for doing it!��
    Your collection of mouse teapots are Incredibly Cute, and I think that your generosity of heart and your thoughtfulness is unsurpassed. Your Miss Mousie looks as if she was made for a life inside Jodi's Storybook Cottage and I can't wait to see her there! ❤️

  4. The mice pots are so lovely - how kind and generous of you to offer one of them to Jodi. But her fantastic tea cottage will be the perfect home for this drippy mousie. Congrats on your new job, I can only agree… being paid for writing is a dream come true!


  5. Hi, Megan - Your mouse teapots are simply lovely! It's so thoughtful and generous of you to think of Jodi's Storybook Cottage as the recipient of one of the teapots - and how nice that the colors are just right for the Cottage decor. Your new job sounds exciting - and so satisfying! One of my daughters is a writer - researches and writes for hours each day, loves every minute of it, and then gets a paycheck for doing what she wants to do above all things. How perfect is that! I'm so happy that your dream is coming true. Congratulations!