Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hi Everyone

This is a quick update on the comment notification issues we are having in Blogger.
Yes, Blogger is aware of the problem.  It is not clear whether it has something to do with GDPR.  They just say that they are 'tweaking' the system and it should be back to normal soon.  They don't say when soon is, let's hope it's SOON!

Several people have suggested this workaround:
As soon as you post a new blog, leave a comment on it, and tick the 'Notify Me' box before you post it.  You will receive email notifications of any comment below yours.

If anyone is still battling with GDPR compliance, HERE's the best summary article I've found:


  1. Thank you Megan for this info! Greetings, Linda

  2. This is great. I still don't completely understand but at least I have something that Tries to explain it now!

  3. Thanks for sharing this well explaining chart… after struggling with this stuff to make my blog (hopefully) fit for the GDPR/DSGVO I am allowed to say that it's well explained… *LOL* But thank you even more for mentioning the issues with the comment notification! I've published a new post yesterday and it was strange somehow that I did not receive just one single comment so far… but now after seeing your post I checked my comment form directly et voilà: 8 lovely comments I would have missed without you! ;O)


    P.S.: I'm convinced this notification problem is caused by the GDPR. In Germany mail accounts were flooded during the last weeks. Every company, club etc. one had ever subscribed to for a newsletter or had created an personal account needed to inform their customers and give them the opportunity to unsubscribe. Every doctor, sports club etc. needs to inform their patients/members/customers about the use of their data. It's the same business with EU-blogs... according to the GDPR I would need to ask every follower of my blogs whether they would like to follow me further or not... This regulation has a very good intention for sure because data protection is very important (just remember the last FB data scandal) - but the communication and information about this was and is poor and terrible (just note how late even the big companies are with realizing this). And sadly the EU missed to make it easier for the private ones who are just using platforms like for example blogger… Let's hope all of this will be fixed very soon.