Wednesday, April 17, 2019

F: Frogs and Fountains

These little frogs are so tiny that my camera squints when I try to photograph them. Only about 5mm long, they're perfect for a 1/12 scale dollhouse garden. I'll be making a fresh batch soon, and I'll show you process photos and some ideas on how to use them in and around your dollhouse.
Rainbow with the first rain - August 2013

In our real-life garden, there are several ponds and a fountain. Needless to say, there are frogs and in summer they have very loud concerts at night. They're not the only noisy ones though. Just look at how the grey loeries enjoy the fountain. Their real name is Corythaixoides concolor, but colloquially we also call them kwêvoëls or go-away birds, for the sound they make.


  1. Little frog is so little and cute!

  2. Que linda ranita !!!!
    Los pájaros son realmente ruidosos ...

  3. Seguro que tu preciosa rana hará genial en cualquier rincón del jardín.La foto de tu jardín es una maravilla:-)

  4. Your tiny frog is the perfect scale for a doll house pond and garden, Megan. You certainly have a lot of talent- Bravo! :D
    I too, find bird watching a Fascinating occupation and I really enjoyed watching the grey loeries playing in the fountain. Their cawing sound like the jungle noises you hear in old Tarzan movies.


  5. Oh boy, so, so, very, very tiny and so, so, very, very cute.

  6. Oh so tiny and adorable! It's wonderful to have wildlife and features in our gardens that attract them. We have a chorus of frogs that live in our retention pond and on summer nights it's like sweet music. In 2007 when we began building our house, it was still pretty rural and country feeling here. We even had coyotes sounding off on a regular bases. Now, where farms used to be there are housing developments and more going in all the time. I long for more wildlife and less civilization. Your property looks like a magical place!

  7. My beary magicians say they'd have an idea or two how to use your terrific frogs! *LOL* Your frog turned out awesome and I also admire your plants. Thanks for sharing this lovely video, it's so nice to see how the birds are enjoying the water. Not knowing these birds I looked them up asking Uncle Google - and guess what?! In my language they're called "Grauer Lärmvogel" = grey noisy bird. ;O)


  8. Hi, Megan - Your tiny frog is a perfect garden visitor; he looks right at home among the potted greenery. Summertime frog symphonies are among my favorite things. I enjoyed your video of the loeries in the fountain, and while their "noise" creates an interesting ambiance, I can certainly understand why they're called "go-away" birds! Thanks for an informative post.