Monday, June 25, 2012

Crochet success, and sighs about technology

Today there is a gremlin in my office.  None of three printers are working, the technician can’t come till Wednesday and the suppliers inform me that they are out of toner and will only be able to deliver in three weeks… who ever heard of such inefficiency?   To top it all my new Windows 7 computer crashes whenever I try to access any Google pages.   I am writing this post from a borrowed laptop running on XP.  Apparently there is a technology war going between Google and Microsoft… I wish they would make it up so the rest of us can get on with making bears.  Enough grumbling.
Over the last few days I managed to complete the little dungaree for Schnozzel.  Here are some cheerful pictures.
I took stacks of photos as I was making the dungarees.  After overcoming my mental block about working without a pattern it was fun. 
Next week I will be offering the Schnozzel pattern on Etsy, and I will post a free tutorial on this blog to crochet the dungarees.

Till next time, wishing you a creative week.

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