Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New patterns by Nerina - Cloth Characters

Here are some new patterns from Nerina at Cloth Characters.  You can see all of Nerina's designs HERE.

Rose is a simple 25 cm cloth doll with knitting wool hair and painted facial detail.  She is made from calico, and the clothes from cotton print fabric and felt.  Included in the pattern is instructions for her clothing, and a cute pair of felt shoes to make.  You will also learn how to paint the eyes using a combination of fabric paint and watercolour pencils, and to embroider the nose and mouth.  This is a good pattern for beginner doll makers, and for experienced doll makers who want a quick and simple doll for gifts or bazaar selling.

Lucinda the Witch and  Cosmic the Cat. 
Lucinda is a 50cm calico doll with wool for hair.  Facial details are added with fabric paint, and she has an impressive nose, just the thing for adventurous doll makers.  Included in the pattern is instructions to make the dress, panties and hat.  The shoes are part of the doll design, details are added with black fabric paint and beads.
Cosmic the Cat is 25cm tall, and made from felt.  Paint or sew on facial details and additional fur markings. 

Squark the Bird and Cosmic the Cat.
Already have a witch, but need a familiar?  Squark is a 25cm bird made from a combination of felt, wire and polymer clay (optional). 
Cosmic is a 25cm cat.  Make him from felt, then add details with paint and embroidery thread, or use plastic eyes.

Monsters.  This is a fun pattern to make 5 quick and different felt toys.  The monsters are sewn on the right side, no turning out small pieces, and easy enough for children to do.  Copy Nerina's pattern templates, or use the instructions to design your own monsters.  You will need only oddments of felt,  and if you happen to have embellishments such as plastic eyes, buttons and sequins available, you can make something really scary and glam in a jiffy.

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