Monday, July 16, 2012

Snow on Friday the 13th!

My friend Liz who lives in Victoria West sent these pictures.  Liz is a third generation doll maker and restorer.  She has been working with dolls all her life.  These days she is semi-retired, but still loves to show her work and pass on her knowledge, and she runs a B&B with her lovely husband, Pat.  Victoria West is a tiny town situated in a semi-arid part of South Africa.  Annual rain fall is very low, and it becomes intolerably hot in summer.  In winter, it becomes very cold, with night time temperatures usually well below freezing.  Snow is a very rare occurence though, and a good snow fall like this might happen only once or twice in a lifetime.
This is Liz' front garden covered in snow in Victoria West.  In the background you can see the guard rail of the road that leads to Kimberley.  

View over the garden from the front porch.   Difficult to imagine that I was sitting at that table when temperatures were over 40 degrees Centigrade one December!  This stoep is where I took my first baby steps constructing a cloth body for an antique porcelain doll with Liz guiding every stitch.  The story of our unlikely meeting is like a fairy tale.  I believe that it was fated that Liz should come across my path to lead me to doll making.  Some people are angels in this life.

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