Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Bunny Polymer Clay Workshop

Been playing with clay this evening. Here's a sneak peek at my very simple bunny for the polymer clay workshop this coming weekend. He needs to be baked, and have some colour added, but right now it's beddy-bye time for the big bunny. Sleep tight, dear friends.

From a blog post a week ago, in case you missed it:

Here's a quick note to let you know that the proposed Easter Bunny Polymer Clay Workshop on 29 March has been confirmed.

Here are the bare bones details:
What:  A polymer clay Easter bunny.  Jointed or unjointed, your choice.  Easter eggs from clay if you want to.
When: Saturday 29 March.  Morning 9am to 12, OR afternoon 1 to 4pm.
How: Adults, beginners to advanced.  Sorry, no children.
Cost: R 60 per session, no clay included.  Bring your own clay, buy clay at the studio, or ask Megan to prepare a clay kit for you, additional cost R 100.  There are no workshop notes, you are welcome to make notes in class, and photograph the steps of the project as we go along.
The class will be limited to 8 persons.  There is a morning and and afternoon session, but you need to book as soon as possible to ensure your place. If you want to stay all day, book for both sessions and pack your own lunch.  Teatime treats served all day.


  1. So precious. Would you ever consider doing an online class for students in the USA?

    Hugs, sweet dreams.

    1. Decisions, decisions Joycce. I'm in a panda panic, a polymer play panic, all kinds of panic because things I plan to do take so much longer than they should. I would easily drop everything and just play with bunnies while taking lots of photos for a tutorial, don't tempt me! ;-)

  2. I am tempting you - wouldn't it be a nice break, time to just relax a bit and catch your breath? Tempting...............yes?