Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday, Everyone

I'm sure you know that this is a short week.  Easter Holidays coming up!

After feeling grumpy all of last week, the weekend lightened up my mood.
In no small part because a delightful lucky packet arrived from  Marijke Haerkens of Button Bears.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Marijke, I feel showered with good wishes.  Sometimes a nice thing happens at just the right moment.

Over the weekend I've been working on some stuff too boring to mention, and I finished Mud Man's face.  I even gave him ears.
I'm pleased with the way he turned out.  As a novice sculptor, every face that I make that turns out even vaguely human is a surprise to me.

In Project 52 this week, you can look forward to Angus the Easter Bunny.  And posts about other stuff as time allows. 

Wishing you a creative week.  Don't forget to eat lots of chocolate eggs.


  1. Happy monday to you too! Your lucky packet looks full of nice surprises. Have a lovely week!

  2. I think you should be very proud of your sculpting. It looks great.