Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm late, I'm late!

Not Alice's White Rabbit speaking though.  It's Apryl, our Easter Bunny.  I will be posting the next installment of Project 52 tomorrow.

Here's a glimpse at living with men:
Man of the house plans a road trip.
Four weeks before departure he disassembles the car sound system and gives it a complete overhaul.  Selects his favourite 50 CDs to take along.  Can't go on an adventure without the right music.
Two weeks before departure he installs new silver car seat covers and uses a small brush to eradicate dust motes from the car's air vents. Can't travel in a dirty car.
Two hours before departure:  Have you seen my wheelie suitcase?  I can't find my windbreaker! Found both for him at the bottom of the wardrobe, jacket moldy from being thrown in there damp after last trip. 
Twenty minutes before departure: Can you shorten these trousers for me?  Have you seen my car keys?
Yes, I can shorten the trousers, and yes, the car keys are in the pocket of the other trousers which are now on the floor.  And yes, I am packing him some bottled water and snacks in case he gets lost in the wilderness.  At least he will be enjoying his sandwiches in a clean car with good music.
I am fond of him, strange as he is.

Weather has been cool/cold today.  The dogs offered to come inside to help me stay warm.
 If you park them in a line, six Great Danes don't take up much space...

Wishing you a relaxed and creative Easter weekend!


  1. Ha ha Megan - klink net soos my man!!

  2. Now that is the best chorus line I have ever seen. Love those babies!!!! Precious.


  3. Ha ha Megan, I is no different to any other man. They have different priorities. Have a nice holiday. Love the photo of the dogs.

    1. Men are back, with several pounds of dirt and grass in and on the car after their off road adventures... so what's the use of all the clean-up beforehand I wonder? At least is sound as though they had lots of fun.

  4. Hey Megan, Love the Chain Gang! When the Man's away, the Great Danes will sleep indoors? Have a lovely Easter. Aurora

  5. Megan. Loving your blog entries, your humour .......en alles. Keep it up!