Monday, April 7, 2014

Welcome to a new week, dear friends!

On Saturday we had a workshop to make the new panda, Lun Lun.  It was a lovely day, made all the better by the wonderful ladies in class.  I have been so busy lately that I haven't even shown you what Lun Lun looks like.  Here she is.
Lun Lun will be available as a pattern/kit shortly.  There will also be another workshop on 3 May.  At this time it is fully booked.

In class on Saturday we encountered a polymer clay glitch.  Some of the clay we baked turned out fine, other pieces were brittle after baking.  Since we all used the same batch of clay, and everything went into the oven together and baked for a good long while this has me scratching my head and feeling quite frustrated.  
Two obvious reasons could be clay that was not conditioned properly, and oven temperature that is not consistent.  I've just ordered an oven thermometer online, as soon as it arrives I will do some thorough oven testing.

In the meantime I need to take my frustration out on something.  This doll head has been standing on my worktable for months.  I can't stand its silly face.  
I'm going to take a blade, carve off his nose, and start over. Sure to make me feel better.

What to look forward to this week - another installment of Project 52, and if I have time, a photo journey of my polymer clay Easter bunny making project.

Update 10pm.  Mud man had his nose and upper lip removed by scalpel.  Then I reshaped his head and started over.  Four hours later we are back where we started, but this time I'm much happier with my efforts!


  1. Lun Lun is precious, can't wait to get my hands on her kit. Now, Megan, you just need to get out of the studio, take a nice walk with the pups, just a change of scenery will work wonders.


    1. Thank you, Joyce. Been walking with the dogs a lot this week. We have lovely autumn weather at the moment.

  2. Lul Lun turned out beautiful, love the claws, just sorry you had problems with the clay, hope you get it sorted out. Have a good week.