Saturday, May 24, 2014


Something dreadful has happened to me.
One of my best ways of working through things is to write in my diary. That often becomes the blog that you read. I also whine a lot to my friends and family. Until they roll their eyes. Then I go back to scribbling in my diary.
When I write something in the throes of emotion, often I read it again when the dust has settled and think, wow, that a load of melodrama!
To help deal with my panic, over the last few days I have written some real melodrama pieces. Frequently I lost my sense of humour.  And I do carry on. I will probably carry on for a while until I've worked through this.
When I started writing the blog, I thought that I would keep it impersonal. It is mostly about my studio and the things I create. Then an amazing thing happened. Some of my readers became  real friends and I discovered that they don't only read my blog posts because they want good teddy bear tips, they want to know what's happening in my life.
In order to give my friends some more eye rolling opportunities, and because I really will have a hard time working through this and I want someone to hold my hand, I decided that I'm going to post the personal melodrama pieces.
Be warned, melodrama posts scattered on the blog over the next while.


  1. sending love and positivity to you Megan. Went through similar scene last year so I know where youre at. Its always easier to share than go through illness alone. Were with you all the way. xxx

  2. Do your "melodrama" as often as you can, and with every one you do, we'll send you long distance hugs all the way from Cape Town and say a special prayer for strength, courage and recovery!!